I’ve been silly, and wasted everything, 

All this precious time, it was precious. 

It was golden, no, worth more than that, 

I’ll never get it back, but for the first time, 

I’m saying, that the more I look back, 

The more beautiful and dear this life is, 

I realise now, the golden rays that shine,

Everyday, they’re eternal, holding my most precious memories,

Of so many feelings, so many things I’ve seen,

And heard, pretty soon, it’ll be over, this life,

I cannot understand now, just what tomorrow holds, 

But I’m grateful, despite my shortcomings, 

I became who I am, through all these seasons.  

I’m strong but still fragile and vulnerable in the way that I wanted it to be,

And perhaps, something even greater, the way it was meant to be.