Before I plunged into extreme madness,

I had joy and pain, I felt like I was alive at last,

But before I gave into the past,

Before I locked myself in a cage I never knew existed,

I had found paradise, yet, even this would never have been enough.

That extreme pain I went through,

When I felt dead inside, when I wondered the streets,

Holding hands with ghosts of my past, 

These ghosts that tormented me, whispering into my ear,

“There’s no escape” and the pain tore through me like a bullet,

It felt like there was no escape, under bullet-grey skies,

Under cascading, ice-cold rain, and the winds that swept me away,

I was dead, stuck in this winter of my life, 

Believing I would be frozen forever, and how I longed for an escape,

And I found it. I found it when I looked above, when my heavy mind cleared,

Like the thick clouds that fade away when the Sun shines through,

And that piercing light, no matter, reminded me I was still alive,

But my pain isn’t enough, isn’t all that matters, but others too,

Others who suffer, who feel alone, this world that swallows us up,

It doesn’t matter what others think, it doesn’t matter what we think, 

As long as we know the truth, learn to love this truth by accepting our flaws,

every flaw, no one is perfect.

That man and woman who found a reason to smile in a world of great sadness,

Showed me true strength in adversity, when speaking the truth hurt so much, 

I learnt to speak with a trembling voice, my life depended upon it.