What life were we all meant to lead? 

Everyone I know is struggling, 

Doing crazy things to escape the pain, 

Each hiding a dark secret, it seems, 

Even our youth, are troubled, 

I see it in the streets, in my dreams, 

I feel that uneasiness of looking behind, 

With each and every day, even when the Sun shines,  

It seems that we grow in darkness and loneliness, 

And somehow, I feel we don’t know,

For what is the life we were meant to have?

Instead of chasing thrills and fantasies, 

Quenching our thirst for unreciprocated love and gold coins, 

When we were told it wouldn’t ever bring us true joy, 

Why are we so blind, and quiet, in this moment when we should roar, 

The truth is in front of us, but we are lost sheep, 

Seeking youth? Seeking truth? Seeking love? 

Everybody wants something, some want to live, others I know want none of that, 

“Peace and quiet…when we finally close our eyes.”

I hear everything, and the world is confusing. 

I’m afraid to arrive at a conclusion, when I’ve been swayed so many times, 

So before my ship sinks, I’ll cling onto what sanity I have left, 

Before I plunge again, once more into that dark pool of mania.