There is the striking, the beautiful, 

The ravishing, the blurred, 

I’ve taken the confused, crazy, 

The tormented paths down alleys, 

Colours hidden in black and white shadows, 

But there were colours nonetheless, 

The feelings were real when in that moment, 

I took a souvenir from that place, and the sounds I had heard, 

Many will say it is enchanting, 

Others turned their eyes away, 

But they are all precious to me,  

I didn’t know, young, that beauty existed in the painful parts of the world,

But I saw it, I witnessed the truth, 

That those before us wrote and it gave me strength I never believed could be called strength. 

I looked into the kind eyes of the pearl sky, 

And I saw that translucent silver ripple of the aeroplane that soared like an eagle,

And I felt complete, and I had longed for that feeling, 

I go so many days searching for the Summer nights to return. 

I want to be there, up high, in that pearl sky, 

I want to see what GOD sees, when He sees me alone staring from that window, 

My brown eyes that stare longingly that something brilliant should happen in that moment, 

Afraid that when she returns to the ground, that euphoria will crash down like an immortal waterfall.

And I want to believe that I am truly blessed.