When I’m looking for a way out, 

Somewhere where there is a path, 

That leads to freedom, and joy, 

I look to the trains, 

I listen to them as they rattle on the tracks, 

I remember the rumble on express, 

The street art stamped on the concrete walls, 

I long to be in a carriage of many passengers, 

Where everything and everyone is a mystery, 

So many galaxies packed into one world, 

Strangers’ gaze, coloured sodas,

The smell of smoke, and the dread that crashes when we’re at the next stop,

I haven’t forgotten the laughter we shared, 

Rain and Sun on my face, 

The beautiful timing, how music began and ended when it was meant to. 

Everything we talked about, 

How we learned more in carriages than in classes, 

But for you, tomorrow seemed to be inevitable, 

But for me, a blessing, to think that I would have a chance to do it again,

And the fear that this might have been my last time, 

So many lessons I had learnt, and so many more I wanted to learn,

So when I look at the tracks, euphoria cascades down like the powerful falls, 

Escape dawning like the sunrise, someday, I’ll be free.