You’re better in my thoughts, 

You’re safe when you don’t see me, 

Reality’s harsh, and so cruel, I still fear something terrible is going to happen, 

When everyday I step out the door, fear and excitement hits me like a wave on this ocean,  

And every second following, I’m treading and drowning above these tracks, 

Every day I feel something’s getting closer, 

That even the small and big blows will draw me to dreams of paradise, 

I believe it, because there’s just nothing left to dream about, nothing worthwhile, 

Not while you’ve lost all your dignity and visited the dungeon of despair,

So thank-you for the things I was able to know, the things I will be able to know, 

The life I’ll be able to live, and the lives I got to know and change for the better, 

Forgive me for my sins, accept I’m a work in progress, once a lost soul now found, 

Someone who places their hopes in that invisible energy and possibility of greatness, 

Yes, that is me.