Your mind is brilliant, you gem,

Your shining words spoken true like a queen, 

And I listened to everything you said, 

And I love when you sing, your passion pouring down,

When you sing, you become infinite but you weep, 

You know, you tell me, you’re foolish, 

You tell me, I became so good at lying,

And now the only thing I’m afraid of is myself,

And I listen, and I try to help, but I begin to believe,

You and me, we are the same, 

That everything you believe has always been a part of me,

An ordeal I was going to eventually know, laugh and cry about,

Now it feels like I’m chained, and yet I feel free,

Is it sadness I’m bound to, deceived to believe I’ve arrived at freedom? 

Because, this makes me afraid that this whole path has led me,

To a dead end and I don’t have the strength to go back. 

So I’m going to blindly believe that something will change, 

Between me and you, no matter how far down I’ve gone and may go, 

I will eventually rise to the surface and never, ever go back to the lies and the hurt.