You are all that I once was and used to be, 

I waved goodbye to her so long ago,

But without her, I could never understand you,

And forever our paths will be parallel,

How sad that I feel I’m the only one who knows this,

For you haven’t played in dark shadows, 

You haven’t felt the thrill I felt when I emerged into the spotlight,

You weren’t there to hold my hand, or tell me the Sun would rise again,

I had to work out everything on my own, and believe that the end wasn’t tomorrow,

It hurts that you wreck everything I’ve worked for,

How every barrier I’ve built, the beauty I’ve seen melts away like flowers in winter,

When I see you, and if I were her I could have overcome this so long ago,

But who I am now, is who I want to be,

That ship has sailed.