Being this low, makes me believe that one day I must rise high,

But I’m not there yet, and I haven’t even searched for this first step,

It seems that this Summer, I will be consumed by fire, 

That all I hoped for; the pain I feared would culminate.

It’s turned into something awful, but somehow I’m not as afraid as I believed myself to be,

For I’ve ruined it all, perdita,

Lost everything I ever had, and now I’m trying to convince myself,

That this is a new beginning, that will open its door into a marvellous reality.

Because I believe in rose dreams, and I believe in happiness,

I believe in that freedom I once possessed, the carefree roaming of my mind,

And how I miss the nights where first songs gave me so much hope in a new day,

Music that carried me through, like an old soul, 

As I watch the days go by, with a desire for the old ones to return whenever I see a golden sunrise.    


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