No one came to console me, 

When streams of tears poured down, 

Crimson appeared on my flesh,  

And I cried some more, 

I screamed, until I could breathe no more, 

That I wanted peace and happiness, 

Contentment of my own, with who I was, 

And if I failed, there would be consolation, 

That tomorrow was another day,

You turned on me, when I was there to try to understand your plight, 

And you laughed when I was at my most vulnerable.

And all those who hate me, would be happy to see this side, 

The side that sees me hurt and broken, 

When I appear so unbreakable on the outside,

I’m happier to be amongst those strangers, 

I’m happier to wander nights and days, 

Than return to the same four white walls.  

White; you always make me confused, 

And I can never find a foothold in this life, 

Where it feels I’m wasting away, 

Withering away like some forgotten rose, 

A fading starlet? Turn to a song. 

I only pray to break away, 

To find the peace that I’ve never known,  

I was born to write, born to break, 

Even when I say I can’t take it, 

I’ll return to my old habits.  

But once I took another path,

I searched for solace, wherever it came from. 

I have never visited that place before, 

My euphoric episodes cannot compare to the destination where there is no return. 

See? I wouldn’t have left it. 

As my head pounds, my breaths becoming elongated and broken, 

I can hear the sensations of beats and the waves of invisible beauty.

I feel like there is no one who understands what people can do, to hurt their own, 

Because they hurt me, in their anger, 

And left me more broken and irreparable than before, 

I thought that I had almost found completion. 


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