Your song reminds me of the time I have left,

And how last year, I felt the same way,

And I was so afraid, more than ever, of the person I was, 

And the person that I couldn’t be, with this power of time.

So let me dream, you know, when I close these curtains, all I see is black…

I was dancing under the pink rain in my white dress.

But once I’d opened my eyes, everything came back,

That perpetual fear, that I know now others before felt,

How do I find an end to this? 

Maybe tomorrow I need to cry under the pink rain.

We have everything but the thing we want, 

For me, the thing I’ll need. 

Throwing away what I have, will I find the assurance,

That my life will reach its peak, 

You know how hard it is, that the others around don’t understand,

How this freedom is slipping away like the sand we play with on the beach, 

Running away makes more sense than standing under the spotlight, 

Am I bad person? My past, these demons, torment me, 

Well I believe in forgiveness, or why would I be alive right now,

It feels like sometimes we’re all far beyond rescue,

But if we’re still breathing, there must be a reason,

My sins, my shame, clinging to my past has to end,

Or I cannot live any longer, like my mind will blow at any moment.