I don’t think I could deal with another one’s explosive soul. Maybe not now. Maybe when I’m older, and when I understand the fragility of this thing I have, called life. How do they do it? How do people embrace life so easily, without caution or hesitance? Why is it so incredibly hard for me to let go of a golden moment, afraid it might be my very last. But there you are, is what you have better than me, it surely must be. Who sunk deeper this time? And is my confusion reciprocated? Walking around these halls like I know all the answers, you surprise me. You lifted my soul up high into the rose sky, then let it crash down. In that moment, I could never hold onto the golden moment that you so carelessly let me have and took away. If all this is true, then my hesitance and caution is to blame. For, it has been only that, that has kept me back in the shadows all my life. Who understands? And yet, even while I’m afraid of the sensation of the vibrancy of your soul, yours is the only explosive soul that I desire.