Everybody, what are you looking for? 

Don’t you know, what you want is right here,

One day, you’ll be thinking,

I had that chance, and I need to go back,

This is the moment, 

Our one chance to cherish what we have,

Fighting time, no, live by its side,

How much pain I feel that what I have now,

This crazy freedom, is running short,

My delusions, maybe you’ve lost yourself too,

Each moment we’re living, 

What if you miss out on that chance to find yourself again?

Isn’t there anything more beautiful than that,

The promise of hope in our deep despair, 

And each time, in that pit, I never thought I’d make it out,

But I did, my craziness became paradise,

And the paranoia became the only way to get to the destination. 

And wherever it is I’m going, I have that hope I’ll never be returning, 

The way I’m living, I fall short,

I cannot write about all the beauty I see in a second, 

Those, in your pain, I tried to help, to listen,

Yet, even with my failures, I’m trying to reach higher and higher,

To find something eternal, in a perfect, flawless, undying song.