Whatever you tried to believe in your Elysian dream, 

It was false, heaven on earth doesn’t exist.

But you made me believe for once, 

Life was sweet, those blue eyes, 

Haunt me like a ghost; thought I’d given up that ghost. 

So much of life is difficult, 

Often it is rough and I’m cold inside, 

All those winters I walked alone, 

With silent tears escaping my eyes, 

And then the fifteenth summertime arrived, 

Was it wrong for me to want it too much, 

That I forgot, it was wrong, and could never be. 

This girl’s dreams, her monologue, 

She’s afraid that even the closest one would laugh at her speaking the truth.

She’s still searching for whoever will be there for her,

Even when they could leave, even when they could escape, but she couldn’t. 

This bitterness kills me, 

But alas, I shall wait.

I find that only when I’m trying to be patient I’m my most brave. 

Combien est-ce que tu aimes la lune? 

One day they’ll know, a moment lost in the Moon’s beauty.  

Oh why can’t this moment take me to euphoria?

But I will wait, and keep pushing on,

And enjoy the splendour before me,

For right now, this night is sweet and may my dreams be good.