Words with a few, none truer than you, 

We both know, these storms that we must go through. 

That even when skies are clear, things are uncertain, 

Each and every day, you and I are travelling across this ocean, 

“The ocean…makes…me…cry…”

Our despair permeates the air, and all we see are the clouds, 

What’s it like to have no rest, even when I lie to myself, it’s time to sleep, it really never is. 

And sometimes death seems like the solution, 

Somebody told me, that it sounds like my last words, 

How alarming that our minds ring so loudly inside, but we conceal it. 

If the walls could speak, would they roar and rumble like a lion, 

Would the creations revolt against their creators?

I have lost it, all my spark and zest, 

“The stars fade from your eyes…”

For one good thing is enough, but everything is running away from me. 

If I could freeze time, I would and make my moment eternal, 

It feels like wherever I’m travelling on this ocean,

It feels useless, I feel like I’ve done everything wrong. 

But my oh my, isn’t the sky beautiful at night…

The thought of crying terrifies me, but not as much as me, 

I am too afraid of the person that hides inside of me,

That hides in my shadow but manifests in the dark, vulnerable hours of the day,

It is that person, that has shaken me to my core.