I forgot that miracles still happen and that they happen when I have lost all hope in myself, in the world around me. I really don’t understand my longing to be in this place, and yet I leave it so quickly, and I run so fast to get away from the people who inhabit this place. But in the four hollow walls of my mind, that humming voice begins to roar, growing louder, and all I can think of is the platform so close to where I lie my head. If you only knew how crazy and obsessed I was. I can still hear the sound of the freight trains rattling the tracks as they push against the wind as I lie on this bed colder than the concrete…Each night, I whisper gazing into the clouds, I plead anywhere, but not here, not here. Away from here, it seems like my ultimate paradise. I said so many times I want to roam the world, and whatever I’m doing now seems pointless. I can’t look at my world the same way again, and I need to find a place to laugh at all the darkness. Even in the Summer, there are still hovering grey clouds, ice-cold rain and I feel like I’m being torn away from myself among these ghosts. The city kills you..but at night…in the Summer…you find life anew. Every Summer, but this one, I found life. Perhaps, I shall allow life to find me.