One thing stronger than your love is my inability to love myself, 

Forever, am I just going to be like this?

The poetry’s fading, burning golden lines, 

Wonder a life of white lines, 

So many places, and me searching for life, 

For me to say, “I found you, at last.” 

How do I let go of the people, who cling on like the ghost of a bad memory, 

Words set in stone, set them alight. 

I can’t pretend that things are alright when they’re not, 

Trying to say everything’s swell, 

Clinging onto life, blood falling down my fingers,  

I was afraid to sink, but now it’s too late, 

I’m asking God, but sometimes I lose faith, 

Wanting to die, is it so bad to want? 

I dream of roses in my sleep, and wake up with tears in my eyes of the pain I can’t reach.  

But never mind, that’s far too deep in my abyss. 


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