Is it just me or did a part of me die in the night? 

Laughing at me, I’m sitting here in fright,

Lovely isn’t it? I mean the moon, 

Don’t look back, then when it was last June, 

All I’m saying is, in me lies a desert, 

And I’m still afraid of my errors.

At least, I’m a little better than before, 

Perhaps, maybe this life is truly more,

And I’ll find everything I want one day, 

Peoples’ pain, hearts are stained, it’ll all be gained.

Maybe, episodes like I believe in nothing happening again.

Make me laugh, will I ever escape this misery? 

I’m no devil, but reckless happily.

Beat me, these scarlet ribbons are sure pretty, 

Who am I kidding, it’s not getting any better…what a pity. 

Life of chasing unrequited love, 

I could fly away like a dove. 

Scarlet ribbons. How I love them. How they take me to the end. How they bring me back up again. How the cycle never ends.