Hey, I’m not a child,

I could be more. 

Heavenly life, 

Are we always meant to be apart?

Closing my eyes, hoping you’ll be there when they open. 

Waving goodbye each Summer, 

Bracing for the winter, how it kills me so much.

Sure the music keeps me going, 

Find that I can never be with one person forever,

Nothing’s forever, but I want more. 

Nothing’s changed, but I still return. 

Nothing’s perfect, but it’s all I need. 

You’re gone and I’m holding back the tears, 

I don’t know what I did wrong but today I’m pouring out all of my emotions. 

Because I love what we had even though I knew that it wouldn’t last forever. 

But I’m gonna learn to remember it as a sweet memory, 

Instead of the pain that I feel now.