You called me, you brought me hope, 

I saw your name on the blue screen, 

And those words you said, I can’t cope,

Mistook me for someone else, how mean,

Na-na, what you called me isn’t it? (Say it again)

High notes dance in swirls with the stars, 

You took my hand, and let me soar up high,

Can I wish so hard just tonight, though it’s bizarre,

Things will be fine, as long as I’m with…sigh, 

Please, my heart’s bleeding for you. (My blood’s strong for you)

Why, oh why, did you have to leave me, 

All alone, that’s what I want to be okay with.

I can’t, I’ll always need those arms, they got the key, 

Whatever direction you go, got me following it,

I’ve got nothing left to live for. (Are you happy…I could make you happy)

You know I could never come here again without losing my mind. I’d need your thrill and rush to get through it all. Or else coming here without you might be close to death. But you’re already gone!



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