Me and you, dancing on the balcony, 

Can’t take my eyes off, shaking knees,

Stars above us, me looking into your soul, 

My soul still young, yours, gold.

And you got a wild look in your eyes, 

In the chase, the rhythm never dies, 

Butterflies all over (how do you do that),

We’ll keep dancing forever and ever,

‘Cause with you it’s not the money, 

The world could be ours, you’re no dummy (I’ll believe you if you say so).

This can’t go on forever, 

Maybe I’ll forget about you, or never, 

But for now, got me dancing with the sky (and bright lights if we close our eyes),

Only you right now can save me from my tears. 

Life’s sweet, can’t be beat, 

So why run away when we could sway, 

To the music, pouring down like honey, 

I get it, I’m crazy, but I love this energy.