When Summer says it’s golden goodbye,

Sinking away, fading yellow sunshine,

My love, I would chase forever after you,

Only when I’m happy under your rays.

I can’t deny, my shattered mind,

Longs for warmth, or something else,

And that I can’t help it,

Lying on my bed, praying to God,

I can’t crumble, not again,

Tracing back to the promise I made,

Finding I’m walking on a promise of faded lines,

And he’s here again, he’s come to trouble my mind.

Can’t I be wonderful? I just want peace.

But I’m inclined to my reckless behaviour,

I belong to those who have treaded upon many roads,

To getting lost in my lonely paradise in the city,

To being alien in my own four walls,

To feel things like love and joy,

Over and over again, until they stop spinning around.

Being frozen in winter,

Draining my soul dry, and drying up all hope,

Beating my head brainless against the wall of words, the shriek of a false alarm,

And sinking, into silence, stilling my waters.

Afraid of feeling something for the first and last time,

Then dreaming of your light brown eyes, was it real?

My only real Summer was when every new and old memory was precious,

And each experience was like crystals in my palm.