Dear Lord, someone’s gotta know, 

You know everything, 

All I want to say is I’m scared, no terrified, 

My burning eyes, my heart beats like the wheels riding on the tracks at full speed, 

I’m watching me, reckless, and a pretty crazy mess, 

But I’m living, I’m alive, I can’t even believe it. 

We’re all burning up, in our own flames, pouring gasoline each day, 

I’ve been talking to You more, through my burning tears. 

There’s no life left I want, what if I can’t chase dreams anymore,

I’m numb, but I don’t know whether I want this or not. 

And I’m afraid of tomorrow, so don’t let me say it, 

Don’t let me breathe in fear anymore, and let my tears be peaceful,

Because I want to do something that doesn’t hurt me for once,

Something fun that won’t make me run away. 

He can’t keep disappearing on me,

Everybody knows, and you too, 

There is nothing there, and our glances are like cut glass,

But it’s still beautiful, even when I’m afraid, 

There’s nothing more magnetic than this direction,

Out of the both of us, I’m insane, not your figure of beauty,

But my mind, it’s enough for the both of us. Yo prometo mi cariño.