It’s your battle, 

I didn’t ask to be in it,

I said sorry first, 

But you cut me open again. 

I hope you get what’s coming, 

Because every colour now is clear. 

And this movie, is reality. 


I love the stars, and the moon, 

I want the gold and white diamonds, 

Just to hold them, and throw them away, 

My bad habit of throwing away treasure,

Just so I can do it all over again, 

I love your eyes still, 

But you blinded mine with hate. 


It’s all my fault, here we go,

Let’s count down to the end, 

And hear you say again,

I did it all myself, of course you did. 

You have a dream and mine has passed, 

What will save me now, 

Be grateful, the crowd is on your side.