After all this struggle, I want my fun, 

To laugh everyday, drink and say,

“It’s time to play.”

You control their smiles and eyes, 

Each time you move your hands, 

They follow.  

Who cares when they laugh at us, 

Drink it, say it’s sweet like honey,

Deep down you know you’ll really kill your soul. 

And it’s alright, I know we’re not living forever, 

I just wanna get to heaven, no matter the in-betweens, 

Can’t you feel it, urges, desires, like we don’t belong here, 

No matter how hard the wind pushes, 

I’m not going there, take me on a journey that never ends. 

It doesn’t matter now that you’re counting the hours like minutes,

Your reckless living, only way you live and love,

And when we’re through with it all, we’ll be angels.   



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