The day’s up, and I got nowhere to go, 

The door behind me slams, 

Hobbling past, he greets all his friends, and then he’s gone, 

And if you listen closely, you can hear the shatter of a girl’s heart, 

I see this as a movie, this social cover, 

His and her umbrella they’ll carry in sunshine, this social cover, 

It’s too depressing, I’m listening at full,

But pictures are clearer than sounds sometimes, 

And I try to make my own picture, 

But the music dies when it’s over, what’s left is my aching soul. 

It’s the story of our age, not on the page, 

Look at all these faces, going so many places. 

She’s a diamond, but she’ll cry herself to sleep every night, someone told her she’s losing her shine, 

And we all know it, and the story never changes, 

But this is our story, and your story, her story and my story,

We love to soar up high, and few have the bravery to believe we’re gonna come down someday. 

But it’s the social cover that keeps it going, keeps it pushing forward. 

Don’t you just get so scared, so afraid, so out of your mind when you realise you’re alive?

Or is clinging to the fact that you have to live more chilling?

But both.