Tell me do you ever remember those nights, 

In the dark of the sky, we just had a fight, 

Pillow under my head, eyes open wide, 

Music in my ear, silence wasn’t near. 

Tell me, tell me, do you see it clear?

The moon so brightly white, 

My eyes so widely alive, 

My heart reached up, touched the sky, 

Battling, bathing, basking in the moonlight. 

Remember how it was all so beautiful, 

Beautiful, my life had had it all, 

And my, was she a doll.

Life’s not so like it now,

All I see is her crescent frown, 

And her mood, the colour brown, 

Can’t say I could help it, she ‘doesn’t care’.

What about what you believed in, 

Your rose garden, your brown eyes, 

Crystal rain, sapphire skies, a life of paradise?

Are you really gonna throw it all away, 

She can’t even remember what was once, and what might never be.