Don’t even have a friend in this world who can understand my passion to be free, 

Because I don’t even know what they want, how they seem to be moving forward, 

When I think, as I’m watching them, unmoving, you move my gaze and laugh at my confusion, 

They don’t even know, I find their disposition ultimately baffling and hilarious even, they don’t even know they’re walking into a dead end, 

And I don’t laugh, because I’m sad for them too, even though they laugh at me, and the jokes on me, I still cry silently, 

But if we talk, if we laugh, if you open my mind, I’d show you maybe what we’re put here for, 

Does that sound too scary, I admit, life can be scary, and beautifully scary, and gloriously frightening, and glorious.  

So I think, with nothing much to think, could I make it in the universe of stars?