For a friend. 

Remember the first time we met, how we both got in trouble, how we were scared out of our minds, 

But I remember after that, I remember talking, our talk led to laughing.

I smile as you told me you thought I was mean before we met, 

I wonder, have your impressions changed?

I admit, some things have never really changed around us, 

If you look hard enough, things are still sane, and things are still the same.

But my mind, this is the problem, I think, I’m forever gone, or forever floating in some void, 

Rose, do you ever get the feeling the world isn’t talking to you?

‘Cause honestly, I get it all the time, and some days, I’m terrified, 

So bad, I’ve given up on trying to gain its attention, and I’m looking for something new, 

I can play the part of the girl who has got it all together, I can play it well.

But this is only if I choose to, I really don’t know, 

But behind closed doors, all the pieces fall apart gently. 

And most days, I feel like it’s too much, I can’t even cry, because…

I’ve got to a point where it’s hard to hide it anymore, this is just who I am. 

But this is your show, and it’s hard to shine all the time, I know, 

I have so many flaws, I’m not so strong like Rose said I was. 

I’m broken and hurting, but I’d still smile, and I’d probably do it all again if I knew and believed,

Things were gonna end well, and that we’d both find our way to heaven. I would.