It is so beautiful, to see a blue jewel on my neck, 

How it dangles and swirls around every time I move, 

It takes me round and round, 

Spinning me so slowly in its blue light.

This is my opal pendant, I’ll wear forever, 

Poor girl, do you ever think about forever, 

Probably not when she hopes for never, 

If we keep doing this, we’re gonna barely make it alive, 

It’s the love you’ve never known, love you always abused, at each chance,

And now that Summer’s gone, you’re the fire in the cold,

An aching heart of gold, 

Passion in your soul, 

Cold like a stone, 

Emotion like a rainbow, 

Rage like a thunderstorm, 

Sunshine when you smile, 

You’re summer rain when you cry,

It’s there, resting on your neck, 

Taken away into a blue dream,

The opal pendant conceals it all.