You’re my March 2nd, my April 19th, but it may be the closest I’ll ever get to June 16th. 

I have seen things that I hoped I’d never seen, but nothing more devastating, more terrible, 

Than the truth that shook me to my core, and I’ve never been the same, 

Two years ago, I have been a nomad looking for purpose in a world where all I see are lost dreams,

And my sympathies are directed to the freaks of ages past, because I’m a freak,

I should’ve stopped when I had the chance, because they’d call me silly,

But I’ve lost too much to push any more, 

It’s a sin to live like I’m innocent, they all think that, if only they knew,

They would never be the same, when everyone’s living a lie,

And you see the image of truth so alive, you’ve become an apparition,

It’s the loneliest road to walk, 

I’m gonna be reckless Regina, whose plunder of the day trails behind her path, 

She tells me they’ll never give anything to us, unless we take it ourselves.