There are days when it feels like I’m sitting on a cloud,

But I forget that it isn’t cloud nine, 

It’s a stormy cloud.

Every time I offer my all for the world,

A part of me dies, 

I’ve done it so much now, I don’t know where this is going, 

Chasing for love that feels like the wind, 

And at the same time, I promised the world, 

I’d written it on my heart and even if I didn’t have the applause, 

I know how precious happiness is, 

I’m not ungrateful for the rays of joy left in my nomadic life,

Seeing beauty in things far beyond my reach, 

Things immovable, firm to keep my fleeting soul alive, 

For it feels I’m forever treading alone in dark waters, 

Losing sight of where and what this is, 

And at last, the question drifts to me, 

“Do I push on, or do I simply sink?”