Sometimes we only believe the stars are our friends, 

And with our starry visions, we stay up all night, 

Painting our worlds with the starlight,

And in the sunshine, we believe we can only be beautiful amongst strangers, 

Wallflowers, wouldn’t ever believe we could find love, 

We search and search, till we find it again, 

And when we bury our tears in the soil that doesn’t grow, only then, do we find what we were looking for, in the world,

We keep forgetting what it was that kept us going, so we pray every day we’ll find the reason that kept us alive before, 

What gave us fuel, and whatever that moment meant to us, when we first played that song, 

Oh, it’s such a confusing life, but we find love in those broken lives,

A sweeter love, unified in our longing for peace, 

We are all forever journeying through this bursting world, coming alive in the starry night,

But the shards of our broken hearts glisten like mirrors, mirroring our beautiful, broken souls.