How many times am I gonna take my chances,

Thinking I’ll get it all back, when one day, 

I’ve pushed my luck, and I’ll never go back.

Dare to broken dreams,

Guilty of wanting both sides of the mirror; fiction and realism,

Driving down at night, the rain makes the lights look like emerald and rubies, 

Throw my arms around you, I’m flying, 

I’m insane, and now I’ve found everything I want, 

I said I hated you and in my dreams you had forgiven me,  

Alone in the city, me and my blue dress, under the moonlight, I was my own storm,

They all tell me, keep it bright, don’t walk away from the light, 

But only in the darkness, have I never craved it more, fell in love with the Summer nights, 

I keep sinking, and then I rise, never wading, it reminds me I’m alive, breathing even when I sink,

This is the broken dream I dream.