Pain is my only high left,

Before I used to be scared to fall, 

I’d say, not too high, we’ll crash down, 

But now, there’s nowhere to go, but high, 

Everywhere, I’m alone and reminded, 

All these people, why-do-I-feel-insane? 

Or is the world just crazy? 

I mean, who will I be in the years to come, 

I had always been sure, but I’m afraid, 

I’d hidden away from the truth, 

And for so long, emerged in a world, 

To discover, I was my own villain,

Like I could care, when I’m hollow as a stone, 

And I’m clinging onto this superhero, 

Who everyone seems to love, but, 

I’m not a damsel in distress,, 

He doesn’t see it, he doesn’t care, 

If they said they wanna be my friend, 

I’d tell them steer clear, I’m too sad for you,

But there’s no fun without my champion.