I’m glad I still have these images with me, 

They remind me of what hadn’t still faded, 

How I can hold onto it in my heart, 

Never letting go, they are so beautiful, 

Each picture, and the song, takes me back, 

My pain, my brokenness, my happiness, 

Learning love, learning kindness, 

Take me back to bliss, take me home, 

I haven’t lost you, I had golden dreams, 

Soaring in heaven, if I want it bad enough, 

If I believe I can take what I lost, it’s still there, 

We will never fall, if we keep dreaming the dream. Did you think I was lying when I said trust no one,

I keep thinking back to how I did it, now I can’t see anything, 

The sky won’t open up to me,

The sun won’t speak, and I dread the days to come,

When sanity seems like insanity, and insanity is bliss,

When paranoia kicks in, I fight for something to hold,

I could sink, look hard into the face of horror, 

Life is so terribly hard, I can’t help but want your trust,

I feel like a fool, reminded of the sadness of the situation,

I only want to be a bird, birds that fly sky-high,

How can I hold on to life with the possibility of heaven opening up,

I’m a bad child, deep in my heart, we both know that, 

But to you, I’m truthful at the least, you alone know my fears and faults,

I just know I can come to you, to be free for a while, 

Unchained to life, to the past, to the possibility of a horrifying future, 

Because you only know my tears, a longing to feel the sun on my face,

Escape the gale, the chill and loneliness of a starless sky.