Even now, when I can listen to these melodies,

I am still that girl, whose dreams were like silk,

I have to admit, it’s a terrible repeat,

That week after week and with each passing second,

My thoughts don’t stray far from you,

Somebody says something, takes me far from myself,

Each day, I have to hold on to sanity tighter,

Never returning to the state of bliss, that I would die for,

All I can think is, I listen to this music so my soul can be beautiful, 

Can you imagine the disrepair we shrugged off, it was nothing,

But everything.

How damaged our souls must be, 

Beautifully broken, but broken still,

These shards sometimes whisper “You’ll never be the same.”

And we wonder why, why we need something invisible to cling to,

Just for a single moment, of this liberosis.