I love living for the moment, 

Wanting something so bad, I won’t wait, 

I love how life felt so full then, even in my darkest hour, 

Even then, the moments of happiness would last longer, 

Pain eventually ceased, and I had absolutely nothing to cling to, 

But the possibly of an even bigger future in my freedom, 

They say never try reliving your past, 

But the future ahead seems empty, 

I’m racking my brain, with many questions, 

Is it so bad wishing hard on something that may never come, 

Holding on to hope for the sake of it, for the fun of it,

The hardest part is that sometimes we hope so much,

We expect our hopes to come true, and are reminded,

Fairytales don’t ever come true, but only in our minds,

We are voices calling out in a wilderness,

And souls yearning for something we may never have,

Only the past, is the connection to our freedom,

Or what was once called freedom.