You’re beautiful you know that,

What’s more important than the stars in the sky, 

When you got them in the palm of your hand, 

You start with a scratch and you make everything beautiful, 

What can I say, but stare wide-eyed as love pours out, 

And you always wanted to say,

“I tried to be the good girl, but I’m tainted.”

But no one was there to hear your words, 

So your words were spoken in air,  

And you were scared one day you’d be found out,

And you were praying, they would take pity on your shattered soul,

And you went everyday out in the world, holding onto fear,

Because there was nothing else to hold onto,

And it was what kept you going, if not for the music,

That you couldn’t bear it, and the prayers never stopped,

Now it’s changed, now you pray in the middle of the world,

Things don’t even scare you much, even when you’re alone,

You got through, numb and unfeeling, 

There is just one thing you’re craving,

One thing you may never really have,

But it doesn’t stop you from craving it, does it,

And this may be the only thing you’re afraid of,

That you’ll die wanting this one thing, forever.