You are afraid that when they look into your eyes, they will see your mind,

Some things are so beautifully done, you have hope in the world, 

But replicas, they’re nightmarish realities,

His gaze pierces through sharper than a knife, 

How can you hope that tomorrow will be the same,

When, with this void, you’re carrying uncertainty within you, 

Sarah had the look that carried the horror of the truth, 

And she looked down into the depths of earth,

But it felt like she looked back at me, 

Sarah shook like the world couldn’t contain her, 

Like the world would erupt because she would unleash what she saw,

Sarah said her mind needed more than this world, 

Only in the next she believed she would look up into the sky,

Instead of down the glassy mirror, seeing a golden blue sky,

Shining in a glorious truth.