I am only terrified because of my sanity, 

Mister you sing so well, and I can hear your voice when I cry out,

I don’t know you, don’t know if you’re alive, 

But I’m calling out alone, in the dark, through white lights, 

In rain and shine, in this glory divine, 

With flowers in my hair, I’d go back, if I could find peace, 

“Don’t let me be misunderstood.”

It’s a poet’s life maybe too long for love forever, 

Finding love in words that seem incomplete no matter how many, 

It’s a life of perpetual sadness, because our souls are explosive, 

Finding happiness, losing it, when we cannot hold on to one thing forever, 

Because the truth is, we are scared of forever, 

The thought that this night will end, and that day will come makes it more beautiful, 

For every moment is precious, we will never be as beautiful as we are now, 

And isn’t life precious, but some of us, fear eternity, for we’ve been crushed too often, 

How can I hold onto that when I’ve seen this much, 

Take my hand but don’t hold on forever, 

Don’t cry, this is how it’s meant to be, don’t wish on never, 

For now don’t think about forever, but now, how do we save ourselves in this moment? 


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