Who’s as nice as you, kinder than your eyes,

Sweeter than your words, touch so reassuring,

Whose heart is purer, stronger, like a diamond,

When you listen, you know they are heard, 

And you wait till you can pierce through their pain, 

Console them with words that caress their wounds, 

And you cry, cry, cry with them, 

Their tears that melt away from your burning passion,

Ask yourself this, before someone else does,

“Is the love that you feel a rose…or a knife?”  

I know why you cry, because you romanticise this love,

You see them both together, and it is too close to the day,

How can you hope for anything but their joy, 

But inside, it’s like the petals are being torn apart, 

No wonder you’re dead inside, rosebud, 

You’re electric like a storm, but you can’t fight back,

So you take it in, take all the blows, take all the cuts,

The smiling girl doesn’t know, how could she know this electricity, 

Pulsating, maybe this keeps me going, but I can’t,

The girl inside is calling out to me, and I thought she had died, 

I see them both, I want them to be happy, and nothing more,

My only prayer is save this girl inside, if not me.