If it’s so beautiful, why hasn’t nothing happened yet,

In your white dreams, you think you’re flying,

Like you brought them the gift of thunder, 

You dream of glory but shy away when the time isn’t ripe, 

And then imagine all the mistakes you made overnight, 

Each time you see a rainbow, you have to remind yourself you’re loved by GOD, 

But you fall quick, and pray for forgiveness, 

I won’t blame them, and I won’t question the One who watches above. 

I miss what once was, and I tried to keep it from changing, never could,

A friend that I feel like I’ve left behind,

But now I’ve got to look the world square in the face,

Without a hand to hold, a heart to share, a tear to weep, 

We listened to each other like true friends whose sorrow was vast like the sky, 

I will miss the days after, when I go out into a bigger world, 

When this costume comes off, this smile painted only a few days, 

If summer is what makes me beam, then I am doomed,

I cannot cling to him either, he won’t understand, 

My friend does, and now I feel she is going so far away, 

Unreachable, untouchable, like it never happened, 

And this is what made me cry.