There is nothing we can’t do, the emptiness seethes, 

We can be anything but we wade in fear, 

The pool is dark and deep, we are in a world of sleep,  

Bloodshot eyes won’t wake up to reality, 

Numbness masks the turmoil submerged in a black sea, 

Deep down, past the monsters & nightmares,  

I find solace in the emeralds & rubies that blare,   

It counts one, two and three, you speed into the air,

What is enclosed in the mind is set free only in this momentum, 

I cry because he doesn’t know, touch & smiles are seldom,  

I will never say the words I want to say, I am dying, 

Nobody wants to hold my hand, even the stars are horrifying, 

Happiness can’t take me nowhere, no more, not even you,

You cannot stare so freely; gaze like a knife piercing through.

Your ‘hello’ is my alarm,

Your hands leave me disarmed, 

Eyes so wide like the Earth that’s spinning, 

Got me disoriented, displaced and sinning, 

I hold nothing but shards in my hands, 

My blood flows freely, I told her you won’t understand.

I will keep pushing away, searching for a new jewel,

All I do is laugh and cry, think me a fool.

If you have nothing, you being to treasure everything,

That slips away, human touch is next to nothing, 

My mind recedes and loves like a bruised heart, 

My writing all twisted and torn, this is my art,

With all this pain we carry like barely-held-in water, 

It’s about time one of us blows & life seems shorter.