I would not look for your pardon if this friendship is a compromise, 

I’d rather die than allow myself to live in sadness, 

I haven’t lost who I am inside, she still beats loud, 

These words give her renewed strength, 

Like my heart, that beats even when I die in my mind,

Quick, before the sun rises, before the world wakes,

Before my mind freezes like ice, like the winter we’re in,

Under the blinking Moon, let’s whisper our kisses to the night sky, 

Deep down, I know I’m crazy, I can see it when I stare deep into,

rubies & diamonds in pouring rain, they tower above me.

I said, I’ll never have you, and if I did I’m afraid I’ll lose you.

The world won’t let me shine in my madness, but I love my madness, 

The only part of me that beats unending, that gives me comfort, 

Some may say I’m bad, cruel, but I’m brave enough to look them in the face.

I know this, you can’t trust anyone in the world,

You have to lock yourself in, and wait for the day to begin at twilight,

So you can cry & laugh, dream & dance to the stars in the night. 

It is only in my madness, staring at the lights that change colour, 

That I found my sanity.