I tell you, there’s a beauty behind this uncut diamond, 

If you can’t see before I shine, then I can’t hold your hand any longer.

This world is full of pain, and rainbows keep me looking up,

Taking me away from the world I feel chained, chained to you,

I am wild, and I do it well, I let myself be carried by the wind,

Sometimes I admit, your gaze holds me still but I’m still swaying with the water,

This water is my power, and I feel it forever, you only feel real.  

I’m worried how to open myself to you, like a rainbow that reveals itself after the sky cries, 

Would I need to cry before you, hurt myself so you can smile back like the Sun, 

My words are free and I offer them as a gift to you, 

My penmanship is my love-gift because I’m leaving one world and entering another,

So goodbye to the faces that seem like they never aged,

And if there will ever be another hand to hold on to,

I doubt I’ll ever reach close enough to grab on and not let go.

It’s a tattoo of a flower, and it’s embedded into my beating skin,

It’s so beautiful, I think it’ll stay forever. 

This is the last week, and I feel like we’ve gone through four seasons,

I must say, you can’t take me for my words and hold them against me,

I’m fighting against myself everyday, and I never look to what’s right,

Perhaps, one day, I’ll be safe and happy when everyone’s gone,

She won’t let go of the past, when I was a bad liar, 

But I let it all burn away under the stars with a heart of desire.