One day we both hoped we were right,

Because we lived in a world of colours,

But the bleakness of life tore us apart, 

Each day, something new was stripped away,

Like our soul, like our smile,

Like our need to laugh to kill the pain,

That seemed to grow with each doubting thought,

And others laughed, but our minds were higher than the clouds,

We never wanted to stop laughing, not now, not ever, 

We go home and lock ourselves in another world of white and grey,

But this is our only haven, where one day we hope to find our own,

Life gets longer, and the minutes seem like hours,

The hours like minutes, and days like seconds, 

Life evades us like the gas we breathe, 

Sugars we drink, I am still a child & I never want to grow up,

But can I stop this, the pain that this world is tainted,

And it feels like I’m the one carrying the burden,

That even the one I want to trust who carries her own world,

Seems to be hard to trust, for we’ve been betrayed too often. 

Love doesn’t seem to dwell in our hearts but a world of pain,

Doubt, fear and shame. 

So we kill the pain everyday, count down till number one, 

Where euphoria soars high. 


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