I can never be her again, and I might forget this is my last time, 

But I’m reminded through the silver screen I always have another day,

And maybe remember it for what it was, rather than what I can never be, 

And hope, perhaps, I will be able to have memories that last longer than a bell,  

I might not be in this part of the world much longer, 

If life takes me on a new route, if GOD decides to be bless me with a dream, 

I might find myself saying goodbye to the million girls I’d become,

Once in my life, now in my life to pass through the shadows that are my bed & horror. 

I found someone kinder than a man four years ago & then found you. 

I will always miss you & and that girl I used to be,

It’s never the people or the places but the girl I was around you,

Your kindness within outlasts them all & gives me a reason to love the world, 

I’m the girl that had no hand to hold, who perhaps believed too hard, 

Wished on something too bad with the wrong person, 

And even when I’m smiling there are shadows in my mind, 

Of people whose smiles become daggers…they attack my fragile heart, 

I’m fine now, don’t worry, you think that I’ll give it all away, 

But I push on for some reason that I can’t tell you simply,

But it’s not my strength, I’ve always been watched by GOD, 

And though I’m alone, I hold onto his smile even if I may never see it again.