What if my blood was the colour of this dark blue pen between my fingers, 

How fake would I be to be so dead to those around me with red living blood, 

My blood isn’t indelible, like my memories of you, 

And my tears taste colder than a lonely winter’s night,

Fine, I’ll admit, sometimes I’m stupid & sometimes I make mistakes, 

But like you, I feel the same way when the song starts playing, 

It wasn’t meant to be this way, it’s my last year, 

But it just so happened, I found another way of letting all this go, too hard, 

If I really had blue ink blood, none of this would hurt me,

Being human is what hurts me the most, 

To love that which doesn’t know or love me…you’re from another world. 

It’s my red beating heart that keeps me writing, 

It’s this and only this that I can count on to be beautiful. 

But some days, I wonder how I could play it safe with my blue ink blood,

Never needing a hand to hold & never fearing the black winter, 

Invincible yet still lonely like me when my heart was still beating, 

I’m not good, but I’m not bad, I’m simply feeling blue, 

My words are painted in this blue ink & paintings of my soul, 

A canvas of royal blue & I’m atop, 

A sweet breath kisses the sky above the ocean, 

Thankful to a life far away. 


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