Put me in the sun & I’m happy for a while, 

I didn’t know then how much I’d need your golden shine,

And even you, couldn’t understand that my feelings pass away,

But as for the Sun, it always will stay inside of me. 


But like the sky that changes its colour each day,

Even you have left me waiting to come back,

There are so many things in my mind I have to say before I burst,

And this loneliness that I am surrounded by is a curse. 


Put me in the rain and I realise how happy I used to be,

When under your golden sky, really, I was free as a girl like me can be, 

I take it all, I breathe it and I look hard to find more than that that will pass, 

There can be no lies left when they’re all just strangers online. 


It wouldn’t have meant anything even if yours was the hand I could hold, 

Simply, it’s all I want, to be happy with my music & my dream, 

I dream it all day and no second goes by that behind all this drama, 

I can feel my heart longing for the past when the stars were my friends. 


I now disappoint those who I never felt loved me & it feels like a show, 

For those I live with, they don’t know my true self,

Or how my thoughts never end, a kaleidoscope of thunder and moonshine, 

I asked for them to help me but I got bruises instead. 


This is my show, I will call out to the stars one last time, 

All the lost love in the world burns away by moonlit tears,  

And comes back to a broken soul once in a blue moon. 

I say, let it fly away, watch the show come to life under the stars.